Avoid payment fraud and gain income by using the right payment provider

Find the right payment provider that specializes in payment solutions that work and which will detect and save you from having to deal with fraudulent transactions. There is a worldwide payment gateway that offers customizable options for merchants who need complete fraud protection. This payment gateway can defend you from payment fraud, and simultaneously allow you to take on and gain from the booming mobile payment system environment.


Reliable payment provider 

If your customers must go through what they recall to be too many verification steps, or are compelled to go into a password more than one time, they are in all likelihood to surrender and choose to go to some other site to place their order for the products or services. New payment technologies can help your business, especially if these are PCI-compliant. Do you accept payments of only EMV or chip-enabled credit score and debit cards? Have you ever started to study other ways that will add a layer of protection for your payment method? A reliable payment provider implements certain techniques in addition to tokenization can be a way of preventing chargebacks.

Preventing problems

If you have to cope with verification for a credit card charge and do not confirm the customer’s billing details, there could be mistakes in the billing address, such as that of the zip code or the usage of the word street instead of the road. There are regularly are payment transactions that are done with a credit card that is stolen and that would also become a problem. A few online traders have restrictive rules on accepting orders and it may be worth adding in an additional step for verification.

Managing payments

For a business to be successful, it all comes down to the decisions you’re making to manage your payment processing and the authorization. Being too strict with too many verification questions might make you lose customers. Being too relaxed with little or no verification and you’re probably opening your company up to be a victim of fraud, and also you’ll lose clients who don’t think your website has the security measures they need.


There are benefits of using the right payment provider to prevent chargebacks and have protection. You need to be privy to all of your protection options, such as having an SSL website. Customers do trust and use an SSL internet site when they need to enter their credit or debit card details. The recognized “https” at the beginning of an internet site has come to be one of the requirements of safety that clients do look for. It’s very critical that you have an advanced payment solution that actively enforces an excessive degree of password safety. It is annoying to your clients to enter passwords which can be overly complicated and lengthy will motive them to quickly end up giving with the password regulations. Be specific in the password policies that you offer, including uppercase, lowercase, that numeric, and the symbols that are allowed or required.